Why Choose Fisher Alfalfa?

There are many reasons, but the bottom line is that choosing us will make a difference in your bottom dollar. Our customers demand consistent hay, so they know what they are feeding their livestock. Our western hay thrives in our dry, arid climate and this powerful hay will ensure that your cattle will produce powerful milk!

We make the decision on when to swath, rake and bale. It does make a difference and you can tell it right away. Irrigated Hay Field

We know which field the hay or straw came from and what it will test at. We pride ourselves on having consistent alfalfa. Our fields are large, which gives us good bale count numbers for likeness.

We have found that farmers like dealing with other farmers. Start to finish, we do it all. We also provide shipping and delivery, which allows us complete control over a near-perfect product! To talk about the hay and straw we have for sale, contact us!

Square and round bales in St. John Kansas
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